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Kingwood Forestry is a leading real estate marketing firm specializing in timberland and hunting & recreation land. We have real estate brokers and sales agents licensed in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas and offer the combined service of both a forester and real estate professional.

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Timberland properties can have a wide range of values, strongly related to the value of the timber that is growing on them. When deciding how to market your timberland property, it is important that you have the professional knowledge of a forester as well as the marketing abilities of a real estate agent. Kingwood has a full staff of real estate professionals who are also foresters that understand timberland and the value of trees.

Kingwood Forestry has been active in the real estate market for several decades and has become one of the leading firms representing both private and industrial landowners in the marketing of their properties. We sell about a hundred tracts of all sizes each year across the Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana area. These tracts range in size from less than 10 acres to several thousand acres.

Our marketing efforts are focused on achieving the best results for our sellers through our knowledge of the timber and land markets as well as extensive advertising to maximize exposure of our listings. When working with a new property, we stive to understand the needs of the seller. We conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess the selling features of the property including any timber value. It is important to consider all of the characteristics of each property in order to market the property in a manner that will achieve the best results.

We offer properties using two key marketing methods, both of which are very effective, depending upon the characteristics of the property for sale. We utilize a conventional Listed Price Marketing method and a Sealed Bid Sale method to achieve successful sales for our clients. A Listed Price sale involves offering the property at an advertised price to the market, while a Sealed Bid Sale is sold in a competitive manner with a scheduled bid date and time by which interested buyers are to submit their best offer.

Kingwood publishes detailed land sales notices for all properties, complete with maps, timber information and property details. To generate the highest amount of property exposure and interest, properties are advertised using direct mailings, multiple websites, local and regional newspapers, and signs posted on the property. We maximize your exposure through advertising that includes quality drone photography. Kingwood maintains a large database of qualified buyers who have expressed interest and ability to purchase land in our market area.

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