Drone Services

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Kingwood offers both Drone Imagery and Drone Photography. Publicly available aerial imagery is typically outdated and unusable for most projects. The latest satellite imagery has poor resolution. Drones allow high resolution imagery to be gathered when you need it, and for exactly what you need. The primary uses of our Drone Imagery are accurate acreage calculation for reforestation projects, 3D modeling of mill inventory volumes, for real estate advertising, and for mapping. 

Drone Photography is a fully customizable service based on what you need.  We offer Drone Photography for commercial, residential, and rural real estate, and for property inspections.  We use it for our own real estate marketing to offer a unique view and enhance the value of our listings.  Drone Photography can be done from any angle and is used to capture current property conditions with little effort and cost to you compared to other options.

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Why do you need drone services?

If something has changed on your property that doesn’t show up on public aerial imagery, you'll save money by getting customized drone imagery.

  • Save money by calculating the correct acreage for reforestation projects
  • Create current maps (digital or paper) for your property or hunting lease
  • Get 3D imagery for volume calculations of mill inventories, chip piles, or wood yards
  • Tract inspections to see the current property condition
  • Advertising real estate with a unique perspective
  • Cost effective option

Why Kingwood for your drone services?

We maintain a fleet of drones and have Commercial Drone Pilots at each office to serve you. Once a project is planned, benefits include:

  • Short Turn-Around Time
  • Fully Customized
  • Small and Large Jobs
  • High Resolution
  • Fully Licensed

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