Forest Management

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By employing proven forestry practices, Kingwood’s professional forest management will provide strong financial returns to clients in addition to enhancing recreational uses and aesthetic benefits. Long Term Forest Management is one of the cornerstone services provided by Kingwood Forestry.

We work closely with our timberland clients to develop and implement meaningful forest management plans that consider all aspects of their objectives. Kingwood uses a network of reputable contractors with extensive experience. As the agent of the seller, we focus on getting the best results for you.

What are the benefits to using Forest Management services?

  • Preserve your timberland legacy across generations
  • Invest wisely for the future
  • Generate more income
  • Save on expenses
  • Save time by utilizing expert knowledge
  • Improve wildlife habitat & recreation
  • Protect your property resources

Every timberland property is different, and each timberland owner has goals that are special, so personalized service is a very important element of our business. Developing and implementing innovative solutions to meet the timberland owner’s objectives is the core of our business. Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc was founded in 1983 but we have roots and client relationships dating back to the 1960’s.

Why use Kingwood for Forest Management?

  • Personalized service
  • Fiduciary relationships for decades across generations of owners
  • Trusted by individuals, families, trusts, corporations, charities, institutional investors, and more
  • Cost savings through cutting edge technology
  • Expertise on hundreds of thousands of acres in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana
  • Intimate knowledge of markets with regional offices
  • Serving both small and large timberland owners

Kingwood manages several hundred thousand acres of timberland across Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana for a wide variety of clients. Our clients include individuals, trusts, families, small companies, institutional investors, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs), and more. The size of our management properties ranges from less than 20 acres to tens of thousands of acres.

In our Long Term Forest Management Services, an alliance is formed between Kingwood and the timberland owner. We take a fiduciary responsibility for the day-to-day forest operations while the client continues to make the important decisions that guide our actions.

Contact one of our foresters to discuss your forest management needs.

What other Forest Management services might you benefit from?

Kingwood’s Forest Management is our largest umbrella of services. We offer a wide variety of services that can be used individually or incorporated into our Long Term Forest Management Services. These services include:

Timber Sale Marketing

You may only sell timber 2-3 times in your lifetime. Kingwood does this weekly. Let us help you make the right decision when to sell to maximize your short and long-term income objectives. Learn more about our Timber Marketing Services here.