Hunting / Recreational Leases

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Kingwood offers recreation lease administration to our forest management clients. Recreational leases help support the conservation of your forests through wildlife management and by providing funds to help conserve habitats. For information regarding our recreational lease management services please visit our Forest Management page.


Interested in leasing your property out for hunting to generate income?

How it works:

  • Your property is mapped and made available for leasing online.
  • Hunters reserve and pay for the lease, including liability insurance.
  • You get paid.
  • Have peace of mind because hunters help protect and improve your property.

Lease Your Property


Renew your lease or look for available leases. Please visit the link below to see our available hunting/recreational lease properties offered through Kingwood. Kingwood wishes you happy hunting and thanks you for supporting our forests.

Renew or find a Kingwood hunting lease: