Timber Appraisals

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Trees 1 to 100 years old can add value to property. Timber is a commodity that can have significant value. A timber appraisal determines and documents timber value based on a specific date while accounting for numerous attributes that affect timber value. Let Kingwood’s staff of experienced professional foresters help save you money by getting a timber appraisal.

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Why get a timber appraisal?

  • Establish a timber basis to minimize taxes when you sell timber
  • Determine timber value before you purchase a tract
  • Establish a value for purchase or refinance
  • Document timber value taken from easements
  • Document timber loss from damage or theft
  • To aid with Land Appraisals

Don’t have a timber basis or didn’t have it established when you acquired a timberland tract? Kingwood maintains timber price records decades back, so if you need a retroactive timber appraisal, don’t worry. We can help.

Why Kingwood?

Kingwood Forestry has a staff of highly qualified appraisers who are also professional foresters that have a rooted understanding of timberland properties. In addition to appraisals, we also provide timber management and marketing and real estate marketing services throughout the area, giving us detailed knowledge of the market dynamics. Our appraisal projects include all property sizes and timberland types, from the small private timberland tracts to the large industrial timberland ownerships.