Timber Marketing

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Your timber asset is too valuable to not market it properly when you are ready to sell. Kingwood Forestry is a professional agent for the seller that focuses on getting the highest short-term price for timber products while improving the long-term value of your timberland. Proper planning, sale preparation, market exposure, contracting, and harvest administration are the keys to our success. With the number of timber transactions conducted annually, our frequency and familiarity in the market is unsurpassed in our area.

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The timber market is very un-structured when compared to other industries like farming, factory goods and the stock market. Market prices for the wide variety of timber species and products are ever changing. A given tract of timber may have several different product types. Each product will command a different price making it difficult for an individual landowner to knowledgably and successfully sell their forest products without the experience and knowledge of the market trends.

Kingwood Forestry provides that knowledge and marketing expertise to our clients. Our professional foresters are able to properly assess your forest and determine what products you have and what type of timber harvest activity is best to meet both short and long term goals.

Kingwood prepares a detailed timber sale prospectus, complete with timber inventory estimates, timber harvest maps and harvesting guidelines, bid procedures, and conditions of sale for each offering. We advertise our timber sales to a large database of prospective timber buyers, mills, logging contractors and wood dealers. The client retains the decision to sell or not.

Kingwood Forestry operates as Agent for the Seller in all timber sales. We are not a logging contractor or timber buying company, so we have no conflict of interest when it comes to selling your timber. Rather, as Agent of the Seller, we are focused on getting the best results for our clients.