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Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. is a full service forestry consulting firm with offices conveniently located in Arkadelphia and Monticello, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas.  We have a professional staff of registered foresters, biologists, technicians and administrative personnel that are also licensed real estate brokers and sales agents and licensed appraisers.

Our core services include Forest Management, Real Estate Marketing, Timberland Appraisal and Timber Marketing; however, we also provide other associated services.


By employing proven forestry practices, Kingwood’s professional forest management has the ability to provide strong financial returns to clients in addition to enhancing recreational uses and aesthetic benefits.  Long Term Forest Management is one of the cornerstone services provided by Kingwood Forestry.  Kingwood works closely with our timberland clients to develop and implement meaningful forest management plans that consider all aspects of their objectives.

Every timberland property is different, and each timberland owner has goals that are special, so personalized service is a very important element of our business.  Developing and implementing innovative solutions to meet the timberland owner’s objectives is the core of our business.  Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc was founded in 1983 but we have roots and client relationships dating back to the 1960’s.

Kingwood manages several hundred thousand acres of timberland across the Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma area for a wide variety of clients.  Our clients include individuals, trusts, families, small companies, institutional investors, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs) and more.  The size of our management properties range from as small as 40 acres to ownerships of tens of thousands of acres.

In our Long Term Forest Management Services, an alliance is formed between Kingwood and the timberland owner.    We take a fiduciary responsibility for the day-to-day forest operations while the client continues to make the important decisions that guide our actions.

Kingwood provides a variety of services that can be used individually or incorporated into our Long Term Forest Management Services. These services include:

  • Forest Management Plans
  • Timber Inventory
  • Timber Sale Marketing
  • Forest Condition Reports
  • Silvicultural Prescriptions
  • Reforestation Administration
  • Real Estate Marketing Services
  • Appraisal Services
  • Hunting Lease Administration
  • Investment Analysis
  • Wood Flow Studies
  • Plantation & Natural Management
  • Tree Farm & Forest Certification
  • Property Protection & Maintenance Administration

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Kingwood Forestry is a leading real estate marketing firm specializing in timberland and hunting & recreation land.  We have real estate brokers and sales agents licensed in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and offer the combined service of both forester and real estate professional.

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Timberland properties can have a wide range of values, strongly related to the value of the timber that is growing on them.  When deciding how to market your timberland property, it is important that you have the professional knowledge of a forester as well as marketing abilities of a real estate agent.  Kingwood has a full staff of real estate professionals who are also foresters and biologists that understand timberland and the value of trees.

Kingwood Forestry has been active in the real estate market for several decades and has become one of the leading firms representing both private and industrial landowners in the marketing of their properties.  We sell hundreds of tracts of all sizes each year across the Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma area.  These tracts range in size from as small as 20 acres to several thousand acres.

Our marketing efforts are focused on achieving the best results for our sellers through our knowledge of the timber and land markets and extensive advertising and exposure to our listings.  When working with a new property, we try to understand the needs of the seller, and conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess the condition and value of the timber and selling aspects of the property.  It is important to consider all of the strengths and weaknesses that a property possesses and market the property in a manner that will achieve the best results.

We offer properties using two key marketing methods, both of which are very effective, depending upon the characteristics of the property for sale.  We utilize a conventional Listed Price Marketing method and a Sealed Bid Sale method to achieve successful sales for our clients.  A Listed Price sale involves offering the property at an advertised price to the market, while a Sealed Bid Sale is sold in a competitive manner with a scheduled bid date and time by which interested buyers are to submit their best offer.

Kingwood publishes detailed land sales notices for all properties, complete with maps, timber information and property details.  To generate the highest amount of property exposure and interest, properties are advertised using direct mailings, several internet sites, local and regional newspapers and signs posted on the property.  Kingwood maintains a large database of qualified buyers who have expressed interest and ability to purchase land in our market area.  Join our buyers list today.

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Your timber asset is too valuable to not market it properly when you are ready to sell.  Kingwood Forestry is a professional agent for the seller that focuses on getting the highest short term price for timber products while improving the long term value of your timberland with the future in mind.  Proper planning, sale preparation, market exposure, contracting and harvest administration are the keys to our success.  With the number of timber transactions conducted annually, our frequency and familiarity in the market is unsurpassed in our area.
The timber market is very un-structured when compared to other industries like farming, factory goods and the stock market.  Market prices for the wide variety of timber species and products are ever changing.  A given tract of timber may have several different product types.  Each product will command a different price making it difficult for an individual landowner to knowledgably and successfully sell their forest products without the experience and knowledge of the market trends.

Kingwood Forestry provides that knowledge and marketing expertise to our clients.  Our professional foresters are able to properly assess your forest and determine what products you have and what type of timber harvest activity is best to meet both short and long term goals.

Kingwood prepares a detailed timber sale prospectus, complete with timber inventory estimates, timber harvest maps and harvesting guidelines, bid procedures and conditions of sale for each offering.  We advertise our timber sales to a large database of prospective timber buyers, mills, logging contractors and wood dealers.   The client maintains the decision to sell or not. 

Kingwood Forestry operates as Agent for the Seller in all timber sales.  We are not a logging contractor or timber buying company, so we have no conflict of interest when it comes to selling your timber.   Rather, as Agent of the Seller, we are focused on getting the best short term and long term results for our clients.

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Timberland and Timber Appraisals are an essential ingredient of the full line of services provided by Kingwood Forestry. Our appraisers integrate their knowledge and experience of our Timber Marketing and Real Estate Services to produce an appraisal report that provides an accurate analysis of the asset. With a staff of professional foresters who are qualified State Certified General and State Registered Appraisers, we are able to deliver high quality appraisals for any need.

What is an appraisal?  An appraisal is an estimation of the value of a property at a particular point in time and for a particular purpose through a formal valuation process that considers all aspects of the property.  Appraisals should only be conducted by trained and licensed professional appraisers and adhere to the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Why should I have an appraisal completed?  An appraisal can save you money at tax time, help you know what a property is worth prior to sale, aid in securing financing and provide an understanding of your properties worth.  There are many purposes for getting an appraisal of your timberland property, including the following: 

  • Securing a Bank Mortgage
  • Guide in Selling or Purchasing Property
  • Solving Tax Problems or Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning & Establishment of Basis
  • Portfolio Value Updating
  • Division of Property
  • Business Planning

Why Kingwood?  Kingwood Forestry has a staff of highly qualified appraisers who are also professional foresters that have a rooted understanding of timberland properties.  In addition to appraisals, we also provide timber management and marketing and real estate marketing services throughout the area, giving us detailed knowledge of the market dynamics.  Our appraisal projects include all property sizes and timberland types, from the small private timberland tracts to the large industrial timberland ownerships.

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