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Moseley 80 Tract

Tract Name Moseley 80 Tract
County/Parish Dallas County, AR
Acres 80 acres
Sale Method Listed
Agent Phil Wright / Brian Clark – 870-246-5757

The Moseley 80 Tract (Listing #5050) is ±80 acres described as E½ of SW¼, Section 9, Township 10 South, Range 15 West, containing 80 acres, more or less, Dallas County, Arkansas (see maps by clicking "Brochure & Maps" button).

The Moseley 80 Tract is located about three (3) miles northeast of Holly Springs, Arkansas. Access is by woods road across through timberland. Terrain is gently rolling. Site index for loblolly pine (base age 50) averages eighty-three  (83) feet on Guyton, Sacul, and Sacul-Sawyer fine and sandy silt loam soils. Timber consists of young pine and hardwood timber.

Tract offers long-term investment potential with excellent hunting—this would be an ideal private hunting property. Enjoy the recreational opportunities while your trees grow in value.

Kingwood Forestry conducted an inventory of merchantable timber with two (2) cruise lines running north and south in August, 2023. Based on the inventory, estimated tree counts and timber volumes are as follows (click "Brochure & Maps" button for detailed volume reports):

  • Pine Sawtimber: 529 Tons
  • Pine CNS: 127 Tons
  • Pine Pulpwood: 1,753 Tons
  • Pine Topwood: 253 Tons
  • Hardwood Pulpwood: 396 Tons

Due to variations in cruising methods, utilization standards, and scaling practices,tree counts and volume estimates cannot be guaranteed.

Please see Method of Sale and Conditions of Sale  by clicking "Brochure & Maps" button. 


  • Near Holly Springs
  • Young Pine / Hardwood
  • Timber Investment
  • Excellent Hunting Property